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Android 4.1 tablet PC

$ 120.00
Tablet PCs have swept current electronic products market like a roaring tornado. However, it must be a difficult decision if you want to choose a high quality and affordable tablet PC among those numerous and dazzling tablet PCs. Take it easy now! Here we will offer you this Android 4.1 tablet PC, which is the best combination of excellent performance and reasonable price. With this Android 4.1 tablet PC, you can get a perfect balance between work and entertainment. Everything will become easy, such as chatting, reading books, watching movies and videos, listening to the music, playing games, checking or sending an E-mail while some office tools, like Word, Excel, PowerPoint, PDF Reader are all available. Order one and hold fashion in your hands! Features:1. Equipped with front (0.3M) and rear camera (2M), 10.0\" capacitive touch screen.2. Powered by 4800mAh battery, offer you long playing and standby time.3. Support Wi-Fi, USB 3G Dongle, EVDO / WCDMA 3G Internet access.4. 1G memory and 8GB NAND Flash.5. Fashionable and compact, easy to carry.6. At reasonable price and with 3-axis accelerometer, i.e. the screen automatically reverts to the four directions.7. With it, you can not only surf on the Internet, such as chatting, reading books, watch movies and videos, listening to the music, playing games, but also check or send an E-mail or do other jobs.
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